Why We Love Clark

Posted by Lauren Barnett on Feb 14, 2019 10:18:00 AM

Did you know? Worcester was the birthplace of the Valentine's Day card in America!

Since we live in the historic hub of the Valentine industry, it's no wonder we've been feeling extra emotional lately. We thought we'd spread the love and tell you a few of our favorite things about Clark University. Apologies in advance if we start gushing...

Great Location: Worcester isn't just home of the Valentine. The city boasts over 65 arts and cultural destinations, 12 colleges and universities, and over 60 parks. It's no wonder NPR recently dubbed Worcester America's New 'It' Town. It helps that the city is currently experiencing a renaissance, thanks to a $565 million re-imagining of downtown Worcester.  At Clark, we're lucky to be in the heart of it all.

Legacy: We rally around a good cause. Clark prides itself on shaping students to become social change-agents and passionate thought-leaders. Case in point: New Earth Conversation. Clark maintains a long history of addressing climate change. In 2017, faculty and students decided to take their research a step forward and collaborate across campus to shed more light on the urgent issue. The campus community-wide initiative has since taken off, furthering Clark's reputation as a progressive think tank.

Passionate Faculty: With our low student-to-faculty ratio and intimate classroom settings, Clark gives you so many opportunities to connect and learn from these wizards of wisdom. Times Higher Education ranked Clark no. 7 on its list of World’s Best Small Universities — one of only four schools in the U.S. to be included. Our faculty are truly committed to creating an academic experience that prepares students for success, both in and out of the classroom.   

Diversity: Everyone can sit at our table. The diversity of our students, faculty, and staff creates a welcome mix of racial and ethnic groups, thoughts and ideas, backgrounds and experiences. This year, Clark was even recognized nationally for excellence in diversity and inclusion efforts. Our melting-pot atmosphere offers Clark students the opportunity to experience multi-cultural understanding, engage in new perspectives, and challenge biases. 

Beautiful Campus: Historic brick buildings and modern facilities blend together in the center of campus, showcasing an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Adjacent to the main campus, you'll find a line of stately Victorian houses listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As part of a historic preservation initiative, Clark transformed some of these houses into classrooms and offices. Who says class can't feel cozy? 

A Strong Community: We're all friends here. Clark's culture is defined by strong level of collaboration and teamwork. If this kind of loyalty doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, we don’t know what will. With more than 150 student clubs and organizations (Quidditch, anyone?)  you'll find your tribe in no time.

Entertainment Galore: On campus, you'll find so many opportunities to experience theater, dance, music, and cultural performances. Productions at Little Center showcase big talent. Traina Center for the Arts hosts professional exhibits, public concerts, and films. With events happening on campus nearly every day, Clark students never get bored. 

Delicious Food: How did it take us so long to get to this one? Our campus offers such a wide array of dining options, it deserves its own post (we’ll get to work writing that one). The variety of cuisine that is available on or near campus makes the Freshman 15 an all-too-real possibility, even for those of us in graduate school. If you eat at Clark’s dining hall, here’s one small piece of advice: just because there is an endless supply of soft-serve ice cream doesn’t mean you should eat it all. 

Opportunity to Get an Outstanding Education: If you're lucky enough to be a student at Clark, you should feel proud and excited. You have the guidance of the best thought leaders out there. You have the skills to turn ideas into reality. You have the expertise to give people something to believe in. Your world is limitless. 

What do you love about Clark University? It's time to share your Clark love! Tag us #weheartclark.

Valentine by The George C. Whitney Valentine Manufacturing Company; Worcester, MA from the Collection of Worcester Historical Museum.

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