How to Make Your Grad Housing Feel Like Home

Posted by Kate Cassidy on Jun 7, 2019 10:27:16 AM

Living on campus is a weird thing to do as a graduate student — you’ve already 'done' the undergraduate dorm thing and living in a residence hall can feel childish in some ways. One of the nice things about Clark University's graduate housing is that during the academic year, you are not assigned to a room in a traditional building with a long hallway, shared bathroom, and no kitchen. Only private, single-use bathrooms for you, here on out!

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Grad reflects on academic journey, looks ahead to career

Posted by Simone McGuinness on May 30, 2019 2:17:31 PM

The past few weeks surrounding graduation have been filled with a range of emotions — sadness, nostalgia, appreciation, excitement, and fulfillment. Just two weeks ago, I graduated with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Clark University’s Accelerated B.A./Master's degree program.

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Commencement 2019: 'What a journey it has been,' student speaker says

Posted by Lauren Barnett on May 20, 2019 9:10:00 AM

For Ayodele (Michael) Agboola, graduate school has been all about conquering fears.

From departing his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria to taking the stage as the graduate student commencement speaker in Worcester, Massachusetts, Michael pushed himself beyond his comfort zone every step of the way.

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Healthy Habits: A Student's Guide to Wellness Resources

Posted by Lauren Barnett on May 3, 2019 12:51:17 PM

With all your term papers, projects, and late-night study sessions, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, at Clark University we have many resources on campus to help you stay on track. Whether you’re getting ready to graduate or in the midst of your first semester, these tips could be just what you need to find a healthier you!

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How to Become a Stronger Climate Advocate

Posted by Kortni Wroten on Apr 22, 2019 8:20:13 AM

Climate change is an overwhelming subject. With something so far reaching and integral to our way of life, it’s easy to become inundated with negativity in the environmental realm. Luckily, many progressive environmental groups are budding and proliferating around the country, as climate change becomes a more popular talking point in the media. We advocates may sometimes feel lost as to how we can be more effective and widen the ripple of our actions; here are some of my personal tips to more effectively harness your inner power and empower others with your advocacy.

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Education is a Lifelong Journey: A Dean's Perspective

Posted by John G. LaBrie, Ed.D. on Mar 20, 2019 3:37:01 PM

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette regarding my educational and career path. Perhaps most people assume that the pathway to a dean’s role at a selective private research institution like Clark University is a predictable trajectory. It is not. Most of my colleagues have a great deal of work diversity in their background. Some came to their current role by way of science fiction literature, while others came to their roles via the study of music or geography. What we all share is our common experience in obtaining our credentials. Our world view and our career pathways vary a great deal.

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Network Your Way to Success: Tips from Career Experts

Posted by Meredith Galena on Mar 15, 2019 2:00:29 PM

For many students, walking into a large room full of people you’ve never met conjures feelings of dread. There’s a level of anxiety that accompanies fear of awkward conversations — or worse, uncomfortable silences.

As graduation quickly approaches for many Clark students this spring, the importance of effective networking cannot be stressed enough. It is a key to your professional success.

Luckily, the Graduate School of Management’s Stevenish Career Management Center staff are here to alleviate your fears.

Read on for their top networking tips.

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5 Tips for Applying to Graduate School

Posted by Lauren Barnett on Feb 22, 2019 12:08:02 PM

Get ready to impress.

With application deadlines fast approaching, we want to make sure you're putting your best foot forward. That's why we're offering you an inside look at top application tips — directly from our admissions staff themselves.

Follow these tips to stand out in the applicant pool: 

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Why We Love Clark

Posted by Lauren Barnett on Feb 14, 2019 10:18:00 AM

Did you know? Worcester was the birthplace of the Valentine's Day card in America!

Since we live in the historic hub of the Valentine industry, it's no wonder we've been feeling extra emotional lately. We thought we'd spread the love and tell you a few of our favorite things about Clark University. Apologies in advance if we start gushing...

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6 Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Posted by Lauren Barnett on Feb 4, 2019 1:35:29 PM

It’s an exciting time for our Clark community as we celebrate Lunar New Year (also known as Spring Festival or Chinese New Year).  

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